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Mary Ann - NC

“Our son Cole has been blessed to have been touched by the men of CTO who share their love for the Lord and the great outdoors. He has attended 2 summer camps and weekend retreats. he was re-baptized during his first camp and came home with a renewed spirit and love for God. He has found a great bond with the leaders and loved every minute he has spent with each of you. Cole recently attended a hunt  in which he didn’t see a deer, however said he was deeply moved by the leader who housed the trip. The time these men take to share their hearts and faith brings much more to these young men than words can express. We feel a great sense of pride knowing that an organization such as CTO is available for Cole to continue to grow in the book and spirit with men of great faith.”

Mark - NC

“My son, Seth went last year and it was his first camp of any kind away from home. He did not know the other 11 boys when we arrived at Oregon Inlet on Sunday afternoon. When he returned to the dock to be picked up the following Thursday he was hugging these boys and sharing a genuine friendship for each other based on what God had done through the week. He was able to reconnect with 2 of them this past Saturday at the CTO swan hunt and they picked up just like they just left the island. While on the island, Seth was stretched and challenged in his walk with the Lord. He had questions and shared things around the camp fire that week that brought him to a greater understanding of what a relationship with Jesus means instead of just having a knowledge of Him. This will all come to fruition when he is baptized at the end of the January. Not only did he meet God on that island, it was just a great week of doing cool things. Going offshore fishing, gigging flounder, finding clams, learning how to call ducks from the 3 time NC state duck call champion, how to set up a duck blind and decoys are just some of the activities he enjoyed. I give CTO summer camp my highest recommendation.”

Alan - NC

“CTO has impacted Jacob, my son, in many ways. Jacob is a 13 yr old child that is very gifted in many ways. However, I am not a hunter and so he has learned a great life long skill of hunting that can be used and shared for generations to come. Mr. Tom Harrison and Mr. Mack Williams among many other great men have influenced my son in hunting and with fellowship. CTO in Plymouth, NC has encouraged Jacob to put God first in all of his endeavors. Jacob does not like to miss a meeting if at all possible. My son has many friends that attend this great organization and he has made more friends, as well. Great job CTO staff and thank you all for what you do.”

A Mom - NC

“As a single mom I often worried about my son having strong male influences. He has been with CTO since it began in Plymouth & has grown so many ways. He is closer to God and gave his heart to God last year. Though he is a child and still makes mistakes, I have seen such a positive change in him. He even witnessed to one of his friends at my house because she said she wasn’t saved. My son has a deep love for hunting and fishing and never wants to miss a CTO meeting because of all they teach. He comes home telling me about how to use a turkey call, setting traps, cleaning deer, etc. Thank you CTO for all you do for our youth!!”

Heather - TX

“After the death of my husband in 2010, I was forced to acknowledge one of the most surreal and painful feelings I’ve ever had to face as a mother.  It was so overwhelming; at one point I remember literally dropping to my knees while I held my tearful son whose pain I couldn’t fix and who’s heart I couldn’t heal and whose void I could never fill. I’ve never felt more helpless in all my life.

My children had grown up in the country. Their daddy was a firearms instructor (among many other things) so they all knew how to shoot plus liked (or loved!) to fish and to hunt.  It was a way of life that drastically changed and my son really missed so much of what he had done with his dad.

I was listening to KLOVE one day and heard them speak about CTO.  I immediately contacted Kevin (Potts) through the website.  He began developing a heart for Wyatt before he even met him.

CTO has been such a blessing to Wyatt and even to myself.  There are lots of things a mom can instill in her son yet there are things I have had to step back and just trust God to bring the right people into our lives at the right times.  I have said so many times, “I am just not that cool of a dad!” (and I am NOT!)

The impact on my son’s life has been so special.  The all boy hunting/fishing trips have not only instilled in him the love of Christ and the power of the cross but have given him time to hang out with the men…something he just doesn’t get with 2 sisters and mom at home!  He is so proud to tell people about CTO and how it is, “…a hunting and fishing ministry for boys.”  Kevin is his buddy, in fact, it’s a pretty regular thing that he asks to call him for no reason.  I appreciate him having a go-to that way.  

The excitement of the trips has been so much fun as well as his growth on them. Confident, God-lead men are actively building the next generation of confident, God-lead men.  

Weeks before his dad was killed they had gone out on an all-day hog hunt only to return empty-handed.  When he went out on his first CTO trip he was SO excited to come home with his first hog.  He was proud to fill up the freezer and so excited to share the details! We know this might not be important to a lot of people..but to him… it was AWESOME! Since then, he has brought home a few other things…and when he knew we had no more room (ha) he was happy to donate the meat to someone in need.  

I love watching him grow into a faithful young man with a servant’s heart. I am SO thankful for God directing me to CTO, and I am prayerful it keeps growing!  Boys need to be nourished and mentored in a way true to God’s calling for them!  We undoubtedly need more true, Godly men in our society. 

If you are considering CTO for your son, absolutely do it! ~ he can never have too many Godly men mentoring and guiding him in his walk. 

If you are a man who loves the Lord, who is equipped to help, pray on it and then ABSOLUTELY do it!  It’s for the kingdom and those gifts of yours are meant to be shared.  You WILL make a difference… a real difference…in lives.  There are so many boys who are lacking solid men in their lives and you could be one who changed the course. Even just for one.”

Alice - TX

“I would encourage any parent to have their child to belong to CTO. It is a wonderful, Christian organization. It has helped my Grandson to be more forgiving, understanding, and spiritually a better person. When he wants to go to summer camp, we never say no as he comes back a different young man. He has worked at some summer camps as an apprentice guide and is looking forward to this year to do the same. To help be a leader and help the younger boys is a wonderful responsibility. The CTO hunts and outings are conducted in a spiritual, conservation-minded way. They are always there if a young man or boy needs to talk. If there is a family problem, they are there in any way to help.

Melissa - TX

“My youngest son, who is 13 years old, loves the outdoors, loves to hunt and loves to fish. Everyone that knows me knows that I’m very involved with my kids and try to over compensate for the missing father figure. I take the boys hunting, fishing, hiking, sporting events, etc. almost every weekend. I know they miss the male bonding relationship. One year ago, my son survived an accidental shooting in our home. It was the scariest time of our lives. My kids were incredible the way they handled the accident. I was even more impressed the way my son handled the surgery and recovery. His faith and mind was so strong. 

Six months after the accident, we sold my property/land of 17 years and moved to the Helotes area. I was looking for summer activities to keep the boys busy and I found a summer camp that CTO was offering. The camp was full when I first registered and was on a waiting list, but I kept praying that somehow one of the spots would open. It did!! I was so excited, because I knew that my son would have a chance to not only experience GOD, but most importantly be ministered by men that would give my son the courage to touch a gun again, re-learn gun safety and enjoy the outdoors that he’s so passionate about. CTO has touched our lives (like being touched by an angel). CTO has also given my son a place to learn about harvesting food for the family and the thrill of the hunt that all boys/men love. He’s been able to participate in a Quail Hunt and Hog Hunt. More importantly, this past summer camp, my so accepted GOD in his life and was baptized and shot his first ram. The camp experience was so moving for him. I tell everyone about CTO and how they have been a huge part of my family’s healing process. Thank you CTO.“

Carol - TX

“My grandson has been involved with the San Antonio chapter under the Lead Outfitter and State Director, Kevin Potts for the past year. My grandson is in a house with three females, myself and his two sisters. Following my divorce 4 years ago, he had minimal male influence in his life. My ex-husband had introduced him to guns and awakened the “hunter” in him, but never took him hunting. Several different guys we knew talked about it, but let him down most of the time. The one man who would’ve kept his promise suffered a terrible injury and was not able to hunt.

I called a local church, Community Bible Church here in San Antonio, and the pastor of the men’s ministry gave me Kevin’s phone number and told me of CTO. I called Kevin that day and spoke with him at length. my grandson went on his first hunt within two weeks, bagged two deer the following hunt, and has since bagged duck, one hog that they lost the trail of, and an aoudad. We ran out of the meat from the deer, just as we got the sausage from the aoudad. I have still to cook the duck, because my grandson wants it fixed the way one of the Outfitters fixed it on the hunt. As I am a single grandmother on limited income, the meat from these hunts has been a God send to our family.

But more important than that, my grandson has developed a tremendous relationship with the Lead Outfitters, the other boys involved with the San Antonio and Katy chapters, and most importantly a true meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. He is developing into a leader to younger boys in our neighborhood, teaching them how to mow yards, fix fences and play together. He shows the love of God to other boys in so many ways. He is learning to be a Man of God from wonderful and wise men of God that are the outfitters here in Texas. I am so thankful for this organization which has given him Godly men to follow and learn from, introduced him to Jesus through Biblical life lessons threaded through every hunt, and introduced him to a God Who is a Father to him when no one else is. At the summer camp this year, he was baptized and continues to grow each day into a mighty man of God.“

Marvin - TX

“It was awesome to be surrounded by Godly men. I hope it changed some things in those boys’ hearts as it did in mine. Thanks again.

Kimberli - TX

“I want to thank Kevin and the rest of the members of CTO for welcoming and mentoring my son, Shane. We are moving out of the area and I know Shane is going to miss the events and the fellowship he had with y’all. There is no CTO where we are going but i hope one day Shane will have the opportunity to give back all God placed in his path and share that experience with other youth. I think your organization is a wonderful ministry and I pray for its continued success in mentoring our youth and teaching them of God’s love for not only man, but for providing us with the gifts of the animals. God bless you all.

Holly - NC

“I was putting Hunter to bed tonight and we were praying together as we always do. He looked up at me and said, Mom, I proclaim Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I want to dedicate my life to Him. Wow, that blew me away! Thank you Ben and Joshua and Cross Trail Outfitters North Carolina for having such an amazing impact on my son’s life!

Connie - TX

“Thank y’all so much for giving my son the opportunity of going to camp. He had the best time of his life! I am in awe and so thankful that my son has such a strong group of Christian men to look up to. Each one of you men were such a blessing to him. The change and spiritual growth that you men helped bring about in him is remarkable! Thanks so much!

Tim - TX

“Thank you so much for the great experience ya’ll gave my son. It was immediately obvious he had changed and grown in so many ways in the short amount of time he spent with ya’ll. We are so grateful. We look forward to having a long lasting relationship with CTO. I cannot express my appreciation enough. Ya’ll are a great group. Thank You!